How to play Syncronite Slot

Playing Syncronite is designed to replicate the experience of waltzing into an Art Deco casino club in 1920's Paris, sliding in a coin and pulling the arm of the machine to set the reels spinning. In digital reality, you simply need to select a bet, click Spin and adapt the game to your style and strategy.



You can spin at Syncronite slot sites with a large range of bet sizes, by just clicking on the Coin button to increase or decrease the total bet. As you change the coin size, you'll see you total bet size changing, with options between €0.20 and €20 selectable. Since the slot automatically plays all the playlines, you just need to select your bet and click Spin to play the round.



You can adapt your Syncronite slot machine experience to suit your mood and general gaming preferences, by tapping the Gear icon (Settings) tab towards the bottom left of the game's interface. The options available, including changing the spin speed, adapting sound and effects, and choosing a stop limit to use with Autospins. The Autospins can be set between 10-1,000, by clicking next to the slot's Spin button.




Syncronite slot is loaded with a a fair 96% RTP, but a fairly high volatility rating of 163, gives the slot plenty of potential for hot and cold runs of spins. In reality, this means Syncronite is a good pick, if you love taking your chance in search of clusters of hot luck, tempered with the chance that you could also experience volatility.

In terms of game symbols and base game payouts, there are eight symbols (Diamond, Gold Bell, Cherries, Blue Dice, Red Chip, Green Chip, Purple Chip, and Blue Chip, Wins are paid if you spin 2-6 symbols, with the total win the sum of the winning combination, multiplied by the triggering bet value.


For example, the highest paying, Diamond, pays 10x, 20x, 30x, 50x and 100x the triggering bet, for 2-6 symbols, respectively. With the minimum stake of €0.20, this would payout €2, €4, €6, €10 and €20, while wins with the max bet of €20, would amount to €200, €400, €600, €1,000 and €2,000. The Gold Bell pays from x8 – x25, Cherries x6 – x15, Dice x4 – x10, and Casino Chips from x2 – x5.


Bigger wins are attainable, if you get the luck with the bonuses rounds.



Syncronite features powerful bonus features that can bring extra glamour and potentially big wins to the reels, during lucky runs of spins:


SYNCED REELS: Mirrors 2-6 reels to synch with each other, boosting the potential multiple wins on the reels and bigger payouts if the high paying symbols land.


SPLITZ™ FEATURE: Activated by landing 2-6 Splitz Symbols, splitting the symbols up to eight times – and shifting icons into other symbols for the potential of bigger wins.


EXPANDING PAYLINES: The paylines in Syncronite slot start each round on 729, which is already huge – but they can expand up to 21,168! The power of the features can see wins go as high as x64,000 on a lucky bet – creating wins between €6,480 and €1,296,000 depending on the wager size.




Syncronite is video slot with a solid RTP of 96% that offers fair gaming, but a fairly high volatility rating of 163, making it a game for slot players who like a bit of dare. Realistically, this is a slot that can deliver clusters of good luck – so It's great to play with a random session, or with consistency in terms of strategy (such as playing sessions with the same spin number and bet size). You can set 10-1,000 spins via the Autospin button, and can also ensure you play safely by using the Autospin loss limit function, in Settings.


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